Author Terri Cutshall

Terri is an extroverted introvert. She loves animals, whole heartedly considers chocolate a food group, watches cheesy rom-coms and writes about happily-ever-after.

Terri was born and raised in Pennsylvania where she was surrounded by a family of story-tellers – three generations laughing and sharing their experiences at backyard picnics. Journaling became a way for her to organize her scattered thoughts and writing became a way for her to better express herself.

Terri works in the healthcare industry helping patients with rare diseases access needed therapy. When not working or writing, she enjoys time with her family, her animals or traveling. She currently lives in North Carolina, with her wife, a horse and two dogs.

Fall into Me, Available Now!

Published August 2022, Amazon and Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Digital and Softback Books available

A one-night-stand-to-forever contemporary romance

3 Best Friends ~ 2 Strangers ~

1 Unforgettable Night

Audrey Maddox is fed up with her love life. After discovering her now ex-fiancé had been cheating on her throughout their engagement, vacation with her two best friends cannot come soon enough. She needs a break in a serious way.

Liv Sutton works at a popular Colorado mountain resort providing skiing lessons during the day and bartending at night. Since her divorce, casual relationships have worked just fine for her. She’s not up for getting her heart stomped on again. Once was enough.

Two women in the right place at the right time. Will a casual fling be the tonic that soothes Audrey's broken heart and keeps Liv going? Or will a one-night stand become more than either of them bargained for?

Reader Reviews

Phenomenal Modern Telling of a Love Story

Congratulations to Terri Cutshall on her second book. I couldn’t put it down. The richness of the characters and accompanying scenes enveloped me and transported me into this amazing world of love. Great, great read!

Charming and Fulfilling

Hold on to your ski hats, and settle in for some warm and fuzzies! What happens when your one night stand shows up again? Join Audrey and Olivia, and their friends, and find out!

Very Enjoyable Story

I really enjoyed reading this story from beginning to the end. The friendship and love Maggie and Hannah gave Audrey was awesome! Liv is one of a kind person that you hope is in your life. Great story!.

Meeting by chance, instant attraction, falling in love; What could be happier to read than that?

Fall into me is written well. It’s characters have individual personalities, yet close connections with each other, feeling the friendship. The writers unique style allows you to enter the story with them. I enjoy being able to feel the romance, fear, sadness and the joy in a read. I really like feeling like I am there with them on their adventure. Oh did I mention a Nice love story!

Sexy Second Go Round!

Fall Into Me is the follow up to this author's debut novel, Breakthrough. You are immediately drawn in by the instant attraction between the 2 main characters, Liv and Audrey. You follow their journey as they overcome the challenges of a long-distance relationship in addition to battling some of their own personal unresolved issues. The author also adds strong supporting characters to enrich the storyline. I must admit, she really turns up the heat on sex scenes in her second book! Overall, I found Fall Into Me to be a really great read with a feel-good ending!


Published September 2020, Available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle Unlimited  

Digital and Softback Books Available

Meet Alex, a scientist searching for a breast cancer cure and Maddie, the woman who is about to turn her world upside down. Full of feels and happily-ever-after!

A Medical Drama for LGBTQ Romance Lovers

Alex could lose everything, again…

As a genetics researcher, Alexandria Bennett is confident when it comes to decision making at work, searching for a breast cancer cure, but when it comes to decisions of the heart, not so much.

When Alex meets Madison Thornton, a Pharmacist Consultant, looking to settle down and have a family, all the safe and comfortable rules by which her internal compass is governed will be tested. The undeniable attraction between Alex and Madison is immediate and a budding romance is there for the taking, but only if both women are willing to let go of their fears and trust in it.

While Alex navigates her heart and desires, outside forces threaten breakthroughs in her research, creating an entirely different kind of fear in her world. Will Alex be able to protect the women she has dedicated her life to helping and be brave enough to let love in?

Reader Reviews

A Wonderful Debut Novel

“I don't know how she did it, but Terri hit a homerun with her first novel. I'm really not very knowledgeable about genetics so when I began reading about Alex, a genetics researcher and Madison, a pharmacist consultant, I almost couldn't get into it. But the work revolved around preventing breast cancer and the ethical implications and controversies surrounding the gene question. Now what woman can't re!ate to that?
Alex was such a deep, conflicted character. It would certainly take a lot of time and patience for the warm and outgoing Madison to truly get to know and understand her, but their personal journeys were well worth that patience. The way the story was written really pulled me into their struggles to "wholly" be together. No matter who you love, that struggle to find the right person is universal.
The secondary characters were rich and the suspense twist in the story was perfect. The writing flowed easily and the dialogue appeared so sincere, whether it be heartwarming, fun and conversational or if it provoked discomfort and soul searching. The intimate scenes were beautiful and the title is a perfect example of the journey between Alex and Madison. I really enjoyed the book and look forward to many more from this talented new author!”

I’m Ready for the Sequel!

“A romance that intertwines the ethical and social implications of gene therapy, the book is multilayered and intriguing. It is a witty, smart book with unexpected twists and turns that make for a compelling read. I fell in love with the characters and didn't want the book to end.”

A True Modern Day Love Story and Mystery

“Breakthrough easily blends science, mystery and love to create a spellbound story. Love it and recommend it to all searching for in intelligent love story for the modern age.”

Wow, Wow, Wow!

“I am absolutely in love with everything about this book. From the danger to the love that both Alex and Maddie have for each other. I loved the flirting and the subtle hints at their shared likeness towards each other. I definitely would read this book again! Great job and I can’t wait to see what else the author has to offer!”

Reader, Writer, Author

Terri is an extroverted introvert who loves animals, chocolate and cheesy rom-coms. She’s fiercely drawn to strong female characters who face their fears and insecurities and find their SUPERPOWER.

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